Striking a balance......

Evening you lovely lot,

I had a meeting today with an old friend from rugby who runs his own business within the fitness industry.  We both are trying to get our respective business's out there and build our own empires and we got talking about social media and how it benefits and sometimes hinders us.

Now, we both agreed that we like social media and what it can offer for little or no money (always a benefit when starting out) but also have some issues with it.  How often are you expected to update pages?  If you do it too much, will those on your sites start to get a bit miffed? What content do you put up (I do weddings, fitness, commercial etc so can potentially have 3 or 4 jobs a week so what do I highlight?)  Thus the title, striking a balance.  Post too little and people may start to unfollow and forget about too much and it has the same effect possibly.  I am not looking for thousands of likes and  nor do I spend hours looking at the hit rate on my sites but now I have built an audience and there is 'traffic' on them, I do feel I need to maintain it as best as possible without causing issues.

Also, I think that the majority of folk looking for a product or service these days, head straight to Facebook for what they need first and secondly or thirdly check websites.  Does this mean I shouldn't have or use my webpage as much or keep it as updated the same as the FB page?  

Until I started doing this photo game on my own, I hadn't thought of these things as luckily someone else did all the updating and managing of pages for me.  Now I am the gaffer and master of my own destiny, I find myself checking all social media constantly, making sure the website is running and updated and manage all emails and correspondence- this on top of the actual photo taking, but would I change it.............or more importantly should I change it.................doubt it.  When I first made the Facebook page, after an hour of loading a few wee sample pics from my parents Ruby Wedding Anniversary, I had another party booked and a wedding enquiry, can't grumble at that can you!

The free power that social media has and the potential to send your words and images around the world means that for the time being there is no better way to highlight your product or service but as they say- with great power, comes great responsibility and therefore choosing carefully when, what and where to post things makes or breaks social media from a business perspective and finding the balance is key.

Again, I find a quote will finish this nicely....

"We don't have a choice on whether we DO social media, the question is how well we do it..."      Erik Qualman


Ross xx