First time is always the hardest.....

Well people, I'm taking the plunge and trying this blog malarky out.  

After speaking to the amazing Lisa from Palompo PR, we both agree that blogs and writing about yourself and what you've been up to (the craic) is where its at

Now, when your main remit is pictures and not words this can prove more difficult than you expect but here goes, why no start at the beginning. 

I know they say the biggest influences you can have are those closest to you and I am no different here.  Bear with me and I'll explain. My dad and grandad were the reason I got into sports and in particular rugby.  They were both high level cyclists and had an amazing passion and insight into healthy living and fitness in general which they instilled in me and my siblings.  Both these amazing men also had a big interest and amateur perspective for photography which I also followed them into.

I used to play rugby at a fairly decent level and I am that stereotypical, alpha male who has to win and be number one at all costs (another of my fathers traits-a painfully, competitive nature)  I was fortunate to be able to play rugby at adult level for almost 10 years and in general for nearly 20 years before my battered and bruised body finally gave up, much to the delight of my wife and mother.  

When I hung the boots up, I found I was at a loose end at weekends for the first time in a decade and became frustrated and bored very quickly.  It was a this point that I took the camera back up and buried myself in learning all about composition, lighting and taking a picture further than just pointing and shooting.  I was obsessed and the creative fire for photography had been ignited and its was to lead to some big and amazing things in the coming years (i'll go into this soon)

I was lucky enough to meet and work with another wedding photographer for a few years and learn and ply my trade at some amazing venues and wedding across Scotland.  As with many things though, there comes a time when you need to spread your creative wings and take a chance.  I decided in September of 2014 that I wanted to go it alone and make a name for myself. Sounds easy I thought, should be a skoosh.  How wrong was I.  First hurdle- what do I call my empire.  I had it in my head that I did not want to use my actual name for the company and I wanted something that wasn't obvious.  Many scribblings and hair tearing moments passed until Number94 Photography was thrown out there to friends and family.  Sometimes things stare you in the face and you miss them, case in point here as the 94 is actually my house number and it has an awesome story as its actually my childhood home which i was lucky enough to buy off of my parents a few years ago.  My clean and crisp name was in the bag, now for a logo.  This was where I thought I would give up as I had no idea where to go with this.  Step in my brothers, brother in law Jamie and after giving the most vague info for what I wanted ("you know me mate, just draw something me") he went away and 2 days later he emailed me his "rough idea" for my logo.  His rough and my rough clearly differ as it was exactly what I wanted.   The pipe dream was quickly becoming a reality and it felt good.

There is no hiding the fact that I am an 18 stone, heavily tattooed chap with an unruly but exquisite beard.  I am not what you would call your typical 'grey suite brigade' wedding snapper and I am proud of that fact.  There are thousands of vintage style, 'different' photographers in this industry but my story and photos speak for me and I genuinely feel I am bringing something different to the ever changing wedding game.

As I said at the start of this blurb, this is the first of my jotting down the comings and goings of Number94 Photography.  I am sure i'll find my writing style and become the next Hemingway or Hunter S Thompson in time for the next rambling and I can already see what I am looking to get across in the next blog. 

I'll end with a quote to tide you over...."You don't take a photograph. You make it" Ansel Adams


Ross xx