We are Ross & Gill - a husband and wife, Glasgow based photography team specialising in weddings.  This is not the limit of our work however as we strive to snap images wherever asked.


I've been taking photographs since childhood but involved in weddings for over 5 years now.  

I try and bring something different to my approach and style.  I'm not what you would call a typical photographer in the wedding game.  Tattooed, bearded and a triumphant mix of warmth and wit, which I think offers something fresh and approachable within an established industry.


Im still cutting my teeth in this highly skilled and wonderful industry but I absolutely love everything to do with weddings - the planning, the dress, the minutia of the details that are different at every wedding - its taken a while to realise it but this truly is my calling and i cant wait to explore it further

Our Name

The name Number94 Photography came about after much debate and hair pulling as to  what to call ourselves.  We were looking to avoid using actual names and things and anything really relating to photography in order to make us different and stand out.  In the end we settled on Number94, as my house number is 94 and is actually the home I grew up in.  A few years back myself and Gill were lucky enough to buy my parents house off of them and to make it our family home.  This was the only house I lived in growing up before I flew the nest and moved into my own property and has amazing memories and history for me.  With it being such a big part of my life and now our forever home  most likely, we thought it was pretty apt to use it for our business also.  Number94 is not only our HQ for all things photography but is the go to house for my family and it was only fitting to have it as our name. 

Any questions, then please just ask as thats the only way of knowing.


Ross and Gill xx